Prepare to be wowed by the Olivant Family, renowned equestrian artists and their magnificent horses, dancing their way across the UK and bringing equi-tainment with them wherever they go. 

With a multitude of equestrian acts to choose from, all variable to suit theme and budget, they are always in demand and can be relied upon to provide the right "hooves for the job"! 

Perfectly educated in 'Haute école' classical dressage, equestrian arts and liberty work, the Olivant’s horses are trained to perform in all venues from show grounds to historical monuments, restaurants, theatres and even film sets.

From a breath taking six horse extravaganza to an enchanting and intimate two horse Big & Little liberty display, the beauty and magic of the horse is showcased throughout their unforgettable performances.

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Animal Licence Information

Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

Licence Holder: Olivants Equine Displays at The Classical Riding Academy

Licence Number – 19/01579/AEX_06 Expiring - 1st October 2022

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