This is a two horse liberty display that takes place in its' own 12m diameter arena featuring Billy and Shetland pony and Magpie an identical but much, much bigger horse.

The pair perform an entertaining routine from standing on pedestals, pirouetting around the ring, bowing, rearing to Billy the Shetland popping under Magpie's belly in his infamous ‘death defying stunt’!

The display is fully choreographed to music with running comic commentary all the way through and audience participation.

The show lasts approximately 20 minutes and is proceeded by a 'meet and greet' where the audience may stroke the horses and take photos.

When not performing both horses live in their pen and graze, also enabling spectators to enjoy taking photographs throughout the day and the pen being decorated with vintage bunting makes for a wonderful addition to any show ground.






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Animal Licence Information

Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

Licence Holder: Olivants Equine Displays at The Classical Riding Academy

Licence Number – 19/01579/AEX_06 Expiring - 1st October 2022

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