Our exciting new act for 2014!!



 If you are looking for an enchanting and unique way to enhance your event, The Olivants will not disappoint you.

We can offer a fantastic Spanish Themed ridden show with the option of additional individual tailoring of riders and horses to suit arena size and budget or specific theme of your own choice.

Our creative displays provide family entertainment for all ages and represent honest value for money.

Our shows consist of two or three horses and riders representing a variety of highly skilled and ancient equestrian disciplines in a 30 minute spectacle accompanied by backing music and narration about the history of the Pure Bred Spanish Horse.

With dare devil galloping Garrotcha, followed by a display on long lines or at liberty, finally culminating in a highly charged 'Paso Double' – a dance on horse-back that even the most 'un-horsey' spectator will be mesmerised by, Olivants Equine Displays Spanish Demo is a perfect enhancement to any fete, country show, gala or equestrian event.

Animal Licence Information

Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

Licence Holder: Olivants Equine Displays at The Classical Riding Academy

Licence Number – 19/01579/AEX_06 Expiring - 1st October 2022

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