Natasha has had horses since she was 7 years old and from that early age always had a innate ability to train them to do unusual things! This managed to cause quite a stir at pony club when she taught her pony Dolly to rear!
Realising she might need some conventional qualifications to prove that she wasn't just a 'one trick pony', Natasha went on to acquire a National Diploma in Equine Studies and also gained her BHSAI qualification, plus a degree but she says that doesn't count as its not in anything horsey!

She spent subsequent years as a classical riding instructor, whilst all the time perfecting her own riding skills and methods of training horses in high school dressage and liberty work.

As well as her BHS background, Natasha holds a British Animal Trainers Licence, and is also a highly skilled equine behaviourist. She specialises in using her understanding of the horse's behaviour combined with positive reinforcement techniques (and lots of well timed Polos) to get the results you see in the displays.

These are skills that Natasha has refined over her many years working with horses and if you want to learn more about training horses ethically and achieving a better partnership with your own horse or have a go with one of ours, whatever your level....get in touch!

Natasha Olivant

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